About Us

TrueSpec Engineering Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based company focused on delivering professional service at a reasonable price. We operate daily in all areas of Melbourne with the option of working throughout regional Victoria.

It is our goal to provide the customer with a solution and an achievable outcome that is both workable and cost effective. We are here to support your business, because without you, we would not exist.

Truespec Engineering

We have spent the last decade collaborating with site engineers across a broad spectrum of work industries from the heavy industrial sector, construction sites, manufacturing industry, class one environments to your food packaging and warehousing sectors. We can draw on a broad field of experience for all jobs and projects that we commit ourselves to.

All of our work is conducted in accordance with:

  • Safe Work Australia Code of Practice: Welding Processes
  • WorkSafe Victoria Guidance Note: Practical advice for employers on controlling hazards when welding.
  • AS 1674.1 Safety in welding and allied processes – Part 1: Fire precautions
  • AS 1674.2 Safety in welding and allied processes – Part 2: Electrical


Furthermore, all of our work is carried out by suitably qualified and experienced personnel, with insurances covering  all our work practices including Public Liability to $20 Million and personal accident insurance.