Services Overview

  • General Welding

    We offer Arc, Mic and Tig welding services for everything from fabrication, installation, modifications and repairs. All work is conducted at your convenience and to your specifications. Contact us for a detailed quote on how we can help you....

  • Machine Services

    Truespec Engineering can cater to all your machine needs including installation, inspection, relocation, service, repairs, modifications, improvements and rebuilds....

  • OHS&E Services

    We offer OHS&E enhancements to your organisation through services including fabrication and installation of custom handrail, barricade or machine guards and repairs to existing systems. Contact us for a quote....

  • Labour Hire

    Our team is available for hire to bolster your workforce during times where they are unable to complete work such as RDOs, leave and holiday periods. Our team posses thorough knowledge and a variety of skills that can augment your workforce knowledge base and help to complete complex tasks....

  • “On-call” Machine Breakdown

    We offer an “on-call” breakdown service, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to this we can offer an on-call standby roster to assist your maintenance schedule....

  • Other Services

    Truespec Engineering offers a variety of other services to cater for your unconventional needs including: Specialised Projects Custom Installations Research and Development Programs Protection for Critical Areas General factory maintenance Building service repairs Labour hire...

Other Services

  • General Welding (Arc, Mig & Tig)
  • Fabrication to specifications
  • Weld Repair of cracked or torn welds
  • Filling in worn sections on machines
  • Barriers and guarding
  • Access stairs, ladders and walkways
  • Modification of internal structures
  • Weld on protection for components
  • Repair leaks in pipe work
  • Labour hire to bolster existing crews
  • Lubrication of critical components
  • Routine inspections for wear
  • Compile service sheets for machinery
  • Repair or replace worn components
  • Conduct complete machine overhauls
  • Component rebuilds
  • Modification of machinery
  • On and off site machine relocation
  • Machine installation and connection
  • Running or re-routing of services

Our Methods

  • Arc, Mig and Tig Welding

    We are trained in the most current and cutting edge methods of welding including Arc, Mig and Tig welding methods. Our team is continually training to improve our already high standard of work and always looking forwards towards new technologies and methods. We aim to not only provide the highest quality and strongest welding solutions...

  • Machine Services

    We are a diverse bunch, coming from backgrounds ranging from Welders to Fitter and Turners, resulting in a team that can do everything from light fabrication through to machine rebuilds, modification and repairs. Do you have a piece of machinery that is not 100%? We can inspect it. We can repair it and keep it...